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Maintaining Garage Door Safety In New Hope

New Hope is a small borough in Pennsylvania with a population of about 2,528. This area is located along the picturesque Delaware Canal. Tourists regularly flock to New Hope for the art galleries, antique shops, and great dining experiences. The New Hope & Ivy Railroad passes through the area as well, offering historic rides to weekend visitors. In addition to the year-round residents, New Hope also has a number of vacation homes for visitors who enjoy spending the summer here.

Whether your home in New Hope is permanent or for vacations only, it's important to keep everything well-maintained. The garage door is often overlooked, but this feature needs regular care as much as anything. To ensure that your garage door stays in good shape, you should inspect the roller, springs, cables, hinges, and pulleys regularly for signs of wear or damage. Call a professional garage door repair technician if you see any problems developing. If you have a vacation home, you should unplug the garage door opener when you're away. This will make it more difficult for intruders to get in through this entrance point. Be careful about where you leave your opener at all times. An increasing number of intruders are gaining access to the home through the opener.

When you're at home, it's important to teach proper garage door safety to everyone in the family. This large mechanism can be dangerous to children if they're not careful around it. Share these rules with everyone in the family:
• Never place fingers near any of the mechanisms of the garage door opener.
• Don't leave the garage door partially open.
• Keep items out of the path of the garage door so it doesn't hit them when it tries to close. This can cause damage to both the item and the door.
• Don't run under the door while it's moving.
• Garage door remote controls should only be used by adults.

When everyone in the family understands how to properly use the garage door, you can prevent many major and minor accidents. The garage door is not something that anyone in the home should play with. It's important to underscore the danger of this device to small children. When possible, advise them to use other doors instead of the garage door to enter and exit the home. If you notice any problems with your garage door, always contact a professional technician immediately.

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