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Bryn Mawr – Choosing Your Garage Door Opener

Bryn Mawr is home to Bryn Mawr as well as around 4,300 residents. Its history dates back to 1686 and is similar to many other Pennsylvania towns in that it has a long, rich history that is still visible today. It's easy to enjoy the small town feel that Bryn Mawr has, and there's plenty of relaxation to be found here.

Homeowners frequently run into various decisions about their home, and one that you may not plan for is choosing a new garage door opener. Whether you're renovating, building a new home, or replacing a broken opener, you'll need to find the right one for you. There are three main types of openers on the market today.

• Chain Drive – This is the most common option and usually the cheapest. It relies on a chain that resembles a bike chain to raise and lower the door. While it's inexpensive, it also has a higher rate of breaking down and will be much louder than the other options.

• Belt Drive – The belt drive garage door opener is very similar to the chain drive, but instead of a metal chain it utilizes a rubber belt like those in a car or lawnmower. This is a quieter option than the chain drive and a bit more reliable.

• Screw Drive – Screw drive garage door openers are gaining in popularity. They use the physics principle of the screw to work the door, and are far quieter than either of the other options. They're more reliable as well, but when they do break down the repairs may cost slightly more.

Beyond these basic types, many people consider the brand. There are numerous options available, and in most cases the brand that you choose is really a matter of preference since all are excellent.

It is important to mention that choosing your garage door opener is only the first step. You'll still need to install it, and it's a good idea to let the professionals take over and provide you with the installation service you need. Garage door installation is something that takes skill and precision, and at times it can even carry specific risks such as injuries when tightening the torsion spring.

With that in mind, it's as important for you to select the best garage door installation company as it is to find the best garage door opener. Do a bit of online research to find the one that works for you. It will be worth the effort.

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