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Horsham – The Components Of A Garage Door

With a population of nearly 15,000, Horsham is one of the larger townships in Pennsylvania. It's also considered to be one of the best, and was included on the 2007 Money list of the best places in the USA to live, ranked at number 15. The small town vibe, great New England scenery, and proximity to major cities help it earn this status, along with the wide range of various activities and establishments within the township.

And just like Horsham is made up of a number of different ethnicities and businesses, your garage door is made up of numerous components that all work together as a system. It's a lot more than just a door, and learning more about the various components will help you understand just why this is a more complex part of your home than many people think at first.

• Door – The door is the most obvious part of your garage door, and it's made from a series of panels that rest on top of one another. This design allows it to move as it rolls up or down, and there are numerous styles of doors you can choose from including wood, metal, and fiberglass.

• Tracks – Also called the rails, the tracks are the metal guides that your door rolls on. These are grooved so that the wheels on the end of the door's panels fit inside. They must be free from bends or warps in order for the door to work correctly.

• Opener – The opener is the unit that houses the motor and drive chain that raise or lower the door. It is attached to the ceiling of your garage and then connected to the door. It's also the most expensive component of the system, and is available in a few different variations including chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive.

• Springs – The torsion spring sits above the door and is adjusted to a tension that helps reduce the overall weight that the opener has to lift. It's a vital part of the door, and needs to be adjusted perfectly for the best operation. Extension springs attach to the tracks and to the door to control it better as it works.

• Sensors – There are usually sensors situated near the bottom of the rails to detect if an object or person is in the way of the door. If the sensors detect something in the way, the door won't close.

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