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Pottstown – Types Of Garage Door Openers

More than 22,000 people call Pottstown, Pennsylvania home. Like most towns in the state, it has a long, rich history that can still be seen today in sites like Pottsgrove Manor. This old home is a popular tourist destination for those passing through the area, but those who call the town home live in modern houses. That also means that they have modern garages with garage door openers. If you're installing a new garage door opener, you should take a minute to think about the various types of openers available to choose from.

There are three main types of openers that are commonly chosen. Each one offers something different, and it's a good idea to figure out which is the right one for you before you have it installed.

• Chain Drive – This is the most common type of garage door opener. It utilizes a chain similar to a bicycle chain to raise and lower the door. It's reliable and the most inexpensive of the three options. Repairs are also fairly cheap. The big downside is that it's quite loud, and those looking for a quieter option may want to consider a different choice.

• Belt Drive – A belt drive garage door opener is similar to the chain drive. It utilizes a belt, much like the drive belt on a lawnmower or even an automobile. This belt drives the door's operation and offers a quieter alternative to the chain drive system, although some feel that it isn't as reliable.

• Screw Drive – This garage door opener eliminates the chain/belt system altogether and utilizes the physics principle of the screw. A screw-type system turns in one direction to open and another direction to lower the door. It is very reliable and is the quietest of the three openers to operate. However, when a problem does occur the repairs can be more expensive than with the other two options. It's also a more expensive initial purchase.

Choose your opener according to your budget and what you want from them. Remember to have them professionally installed and to have regular preventative maintenance done on them in order to keep them working properly, and you'll likely be satisfied with your decision.

If you're still not sure, you can talk to a garage door company representative to understand more about what each opener can do. You may even be able to get a demonstration of each one in operation to help you decide.

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