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Royersford – Common Garage Door Problems

Located about 32 miles from Philadelphia, Royersford was founded in 1879 and today has grown to a town with a population of around 4,700. Its location makes it popular for those who work in the city but want to live a quieter life, and it is steadily growing in size. Those who call the town home enjoy the tranquility that a small town can bring them, but sometimes things just go wrong. Your garage door, for example, is one aspect of your home that may face a need for repair. There are several common garage door problems that can occur, and learning a little bit more about them will help you know what to expect in terms of a repair.

• Opener – When the garage door opener breaks down, the door will stop working completely. There are plenty of various things that could occur within the opener – gear damage, locked up chains, a power supply issue, and more. A garage door repairman will be able to tell you if it's a better idea to repair the problem or to replace the opener entirely.

• Springs – This is one of the most common issues facing garage door owners. The various springs on a garage door need to be in good shape in order to give you the kind of operation you need. The torsion spring is the most important, but the extension springs are vital as well. If they're damaged or lose the proper tension setting, your door's performance could suffer.

• Tracks – A bent or warped track will make it impossible for your door to work correctly. It's important that you let a pro adjust your track since they need to be aligned properly and be perfectly straight for the best results.

• Door – The door itself may need to be repaired. A broken glass or a damaged panel are the two most common problems, and are usually easy for a professional to repair. Your specific problem will impact the repair, obviously, but it's usually not too difficult of a job.

• Sensors – The sensors that control the door and have an impact on safety may fail, and if they do you'll have to replace them. It's not as expensive as it sounds, and is actually one of the simplest garage door repair jobs you may need.

A lot of components go into a good garage door and its performance. These are the 5 main repairs you may find yourself facing.

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