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Wayne – Garage Door Spring Repair

Wayne is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and is home to more than 30,000 residents. Like most of Pennsylvania's towns and communities, it has a rich history dating back over a century. Today, most of the homes in the area are modern and feature all of the amenities we associate with today's world. Garage doors are a part of most homes that aren't really thought about until something goes wrong with them – they're taken for granted.

Plenty of problems can arise with a garage door, and being able to correctly identify and correct the issue is usually beyond the abilities of a homeowner. That's why finding a garage door repair service is so important. When it comes to repairs, most repairmen agree that the most common issue they deal with is that of garage door spring repair.

There are two main types of springs involved in a garage door, and each of them handles a different aspect of operation. Each one is also surprisingly easy for a professional to repair.

• Torsion Spring – This is the main spring in the system, and it's responsible for most of the operation of the garage door. Located above the garage door itself, this thick horizontal spring helps to eliminate some of the weight that the opener must lift. Without it, the opener wouldn't be able to open the door in the least. Two main problems usually occur with a torsion spring – it either breaks, or it loses some of its tension. In the case of a break, a new spring is needed. If it's loose, simply tightening the spring is all that the repairman will need to do.

• Extension Spring – These are located on the sides of the garage door, attached to the rails. They help keep the door on track, centered, and help with the opening and closing motions. They're not as important as the torsion spring but are still vital parts of the overall system. These are usually either bent or broken, and usually a replacement is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest option.

There are other problems that may confront your garage door, but in many cases spring problems will be the issue you need to address. These are the most common spring related issues and the ways your repairman will go about fixing them. It's a simple enough process for them, and will make it easy for you to continue about your day without worrying about your door.

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