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Wynnewood – Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Wynnewood was founded in 1691 and has one of the longest, richest histories of any community in the country. It's a primarily residential town, though shopping exists in locations like the Wynnewood Shopping Center. Most of the homes in the area have various shared features, and garages are very common here. This means that a majority of residents can expect various things where their home maintenance and repair is concerned. Garage doors, for example, are designed to last for years but will occasionally need repair or maintenance.

While the opener, the rails, and even the door itself may eventually need to be worked on, the most common problem that garage door repair companies work on is probably the torsion spring. This is the large, thick spring that is above the door, sitting horizontally. It serves one simple function – to reduce the weight that the opener must lift when opening the door. Without it, the opener simply can't manage to lift up the door properly.

The torsion spring is designed to last for a long time, but after thousands of uses it will eventually begin to wear down. There are two big issues that can arise as a result of this: loss of tension, and a break.

A break will only be repairable by a total replacement. Luckily, torsion spring replacement is fairly cheap and won't set you back a huge amount. If your spring breaks, the door won't work and you'll be forced to get help from the pros.

A loss of tension occurs over time as well. The pressure on the spring must be adjusted correctly so that the door will work properly, and over time it can lose a bit of the tension it has been dialed in on. As a result, readjustment of the spring will be needed. It takes just a few minutes and will get your door working properly again.

It's important that you don't attempt to work on the torsion spring on your own. Not only are special tools and techniques needed, but one mistake could cause serious property damage, bodily injury, or even death in extreme cases. The spring is placed under high levels of tension and if it breaks loose it can break bones and cause damage due to the adjustment bar used to set the spring.

Simply put, if your garage door spring needs repair, call the pros. You'll get a fast repair that will get your door back where it needs to be.

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