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Yardley – Buying A Custom Garage Door

Yardley has a population of just over 2,400 and is one of many small boroughs in Pennsylvania that have a rich history and the small town charm that you often only see on the TV. Average income for a household here is around 98,000 dollars, more than double the national average. That helps explain why so many homes stand out as beautiful, pleasant places. One way that you can help your house look its best is to upgrade past those cheap fiberglass garage doors and purchase a custom made wooden one.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you buy a custom garage door.

• Different woods provide different looks. It's a good idea to think about what your home's style already is and try to match up a good wood choice with it. Of course, if you want your door to stand out you can always go with something different. Stain choice is the same – you need to carefully consider the color of stain you're using on your door in order to get the right look.

• You might need to upgrade your garage door system. Wooden doors are much heavier than metal or fiberglass ones, and as a result your current setup may not accommodate the door. Upgrading springs, rails, and even the opener may be required when you go for a new door.

• Keep in mind that not all garage door companies will offer custom made doors. In many cases, homeowners order their door from a woodworker or contractor, who builds the door for them. Then they hire the garage door company to install the door for them. You may be able to find companies that handle design, construction, and installation, however, but don't feel like you have to do so.

• Pay attention to the glass you have on your door. Double paned glass is more durable, for instance, and offers better insulation. Single pane is cheaper and easier to replace. It's a small detail, but one worth remembering.

There's no question that a custom made garage door can change the way your entire home looks. Those plain white or off-white fiberglass doors aren't your only option, and with the right garage door company on your side you'll have no trouble getting exactly the look you want. If you're looking for a standard door, that's possible too, but remember that you do have plenty of other choices available.

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